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About Us

Committed Partners in Helping Our Clients Succeed

Committed Partners In Helping our Clients Succeed.

Enviro-Tech Mechanical Services is a top quality, full-service company for air conditioning and refrigeration sales and service. Utilising the latest techniques and equipment, Enviro-Tech Mechanical is on the leading edge of the HVAC and Refrigeration industry. They provide solutions that give customers confidence that their systems will perform, and services that protect and extend their customers’ investment.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Under the expert leadership of co-founders Nick Kyrtsos, Peter Chountalos and General Manager Ronn Mostat, Enviro-Tech Mechanical Ltd. has grown to become one of the most respected and successful commercial HVAC and refrigeration service providers in Metro Vancouver.
We employ a team of highly trained and certified technicians that understand the value of providing timely, professional service to each of our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on going beyond the regular scope of work in our industry by delivering custom, specialized solutions tailored to your individual needs. This includes helping you develop best practices that will reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment by implementing our unique Planned Maintenance Program (PMP). This rating system lets you see at a glance where your equipment falls in its lifecycle so you can set budgets and ensure your equipment receives the right amount of maintenance at the right time.

Attention to detail, top quality workmanship, accountability and professionalism are just a sample of what you can expect when you partner with Enviro-Tech Mechanical for the installation, service and planned maintenance of your equipment. We succeed when you succeed.


Committed partners in helping our customers succeed in commercial HVAC/R solutions.

To consistently provide responsive, friendly and reliable service to our customers.

To reliably provide a fair and friendly work environment for our employees.

To continuously deliver value through expertise and dedication, and to establish our leadership in the industry by constantly improving our skills and practices.

To be our industries leader in cutting edge, efficient and effective commercial HVAC/R solutions.

Enviro- Tech Mechanical Services is excited and proud to announce that we have gone paperless! Utilizing  Remote Filed Server (RFS) as our platform, not only are we minimizing our carbon footprint, we are providing superior service by keeping our team accountable to the cent in real time. With full access to our database in real time,  RFS allows our technicians to be  fully-integrated with the back office which supports in providing better accuracy in our reporting and tracking. Allowing our technicians to make proper decisions and recommendation to help service you better. 

How this benefits our customers: 

  • Our technicians now have real time access to our internal database giving them access to crucial site information such as previous repairs
  • Access to our inventory, not only in our warehouse but other vans to help us source parts efficiently to get you up and running quickly
  • Our technicians are now able to work with live, to the moment, data allowing for stronger decision making and well-rounded recommendations.

Our History

In 1994, Nick Kyrtsos and Peter Chountalos launched Enviro-Tech Mechanical Ltd. in Peter’s basement with two trucks, diverse industry experience and a passion for helping their customers succeed.

At the time, we had a client base primarily consisting of family and family friends. Staying true to the principals of honesty and integrity, and with a commitment to providing the very best customer service, we have expanded the company’s client base to include a highly diverse range of top name customers.

A bold growth initiative in 2001 allowed us to expand our service offering by forming strategic alliances with other companies. With a specialty in servicing commercial kitchen equipment, these relationships enabled us to assist food service customers with integrated HVAC, refrigeration and commercial kitchen services.

Today, we have a fleet of 33 trucks, a team of highly skilled technicians and support staff that understands the value of professional, courteous service and well over 2,000 satisfied customers. The foundation of our approach to customer service is a commitment to proactive communication about all of your critical equipment, allowing you to easily track, forecast and control costs. This commitment starts at the top of our company and trickles down to touch every aspect of our operations.

Nick and Peter understand that being a leader in their field means attracting technicians and support staff who embrace their philosophy and approach to customer service. They also know that supporting the professional development of their staff makes a stronger company and this is why technicians receive regular training in the latest systems and equipment. It’s an investment in the current and future success of both our company and our customers. 

And the rest as they say, is History.