Refrigeration – Planned Maintenance

Refrigeration units are often some of the hardest working pieces of equipment in a kitchen and maintaining this equipment to ensure it runs at optimal efficiency levels is critical. 

A simple lack of maintenance can lead to potentially serious failures and the need to replace expensive parts prematurely. This can have a negative impact on your day-to-day operations and require you to incur unexpected capital expenditures.

With an Enviro-Tech Mechanical planned maintenance agreement, you will receive regular updates on how your equipment is functioning so you can track, forecast and control costs. These services are fully customizable to suit your specific needs and are supported by our proprietary Planned Maintenance Program (PMP).

With your personalized PMP, all equipment is tagged with a unique number and all relevant data is entered into our database so equipment repairs and replacements can be easily tracked. This information also lets us prepare an annual repair cost analysis for each piece of equipment for planning and budgeting purposes.

Planned maintenance helps to ensure your equipment is functioning properly, which can be a critical part of current food safe requirements and health inspections. When you work with Enviro-Tech Mechanical, we become a partner in your success by ensuring your equipment is well maintained, clean and performing at optimal efficiency levels for day-to-day use and maximum longevity.

“At Earl’s we’ve seen some tough times with the workmanship on our refrigeration and HVAC systems, and Enviro-Tech is always there to help out not only in BC but also throughout Canada on other jobs where the service provider struggled with the cooler systems we have installed in the past. I would strongly recommend Enviro-Tech to any other customer that requires this service.”– Leslie Burns, Energy Manager, Harmony Group (Earl’s Restaurants Ltd.)