Heating – Planned Maintenance

Maximizing the operational efficiency and lifespan of your heating system are just two of the many advantages of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Planned maintenance can help you avoid replacing potentially costly equipment prematurely, while also giving you a valuable snapshot of how this equipment is functioning. This information can then be used to help you track, forecast and control costs.

All of these advantages and more can be yours when you enter into a planned maintenance agreement with Enviro-Tech Mechanical. We take pride in going beyond the regular scope of work in our industry. This includes helping you develop best practices for reducing downtime and extending the life of your equipment. The tool we use to accomplish this is our proprietary Planned Maintenance Program (PMP). With this rating system all of your equipment is tagged and coded so you can quickly gauge where your equipment falls in its lifecycle and set budgets accordingly. It’s about ensuring your equipment received the right amount of maintenance at the right time.

During our regularly scheduled maintenance visits, we will do everything from inspecting and cleaning burners and boilers, conducting a combustion analysis and checking belts and pulleys, to pressure washing, full filter changes and ensuring all your equipment is clean and functioning optimally. This fully customizable program is designed to ensure the maintenance work needed to run your equipment at maximum efficiency is done regularly and to the highest standards of workmanship.

“Enviro-Tech has proven their ability to go beyond the regular scope of service work with custom, specialized needs such as a retrofit of a rooftop unit and outfitting a covered tennis court area with a HVAC system. In all areas, their attention to detail is shown in the care the owner takes to personally provide his expertise on a variety of subjects from necessary equipment upgrades/replacements to the placement of new equipment.”– Jack Dina, Engineering/Project Manager, Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club