Air Conditioning – Planned Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance offers you many key advantages, the most important of which is maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioning equipment.

Planned maintenance also provides an important snapshot of how all your equipment is functioning so you can track, forecast and control costs. It’s about doing the right amount of maintenance at the right time. 

When you enter into a planned maintenance agreement with us, you will enjoy all these advantages and more. Our planned maintenance services are fully customizable and supported by our Planned Maintenance Program (PMP). With this proprietary rating system that includes tagging each piece of equipment, you can see at a glance where your equipment falls in its lifecycle. Your personalized PMP allows you to set budgets and ensure your system is maintained for optimal performance and longevity. It’s also a very helpful reference when making a service call.

Going beyond the regular scope of work in our industry comes standard with every planned maintenance agreement. We will perform all necessary maintenance work from full filter changes and pressure washing, to checking belts and pulleys and ensuring your equipment is clean and operating at peak performance levels. All of the maintenance needed to run your equipment at maximum efficiency while also optimizing the lifespan of this equipment is included in this fully customizable program.

“Earl’s has chosen to mirror the Planned Maintenance Program that Enviro-Tech has put together in all our regions that have stores. It is the profile we expect from all service providers in this industry. The detail, accountability and scorecard are key to our stores running as efficiently as possible while maintaining our need for environmental sustainability.”

– Leslie Burns, Energy Manager, Harmony Group (Earl’s Restaurants Ltd.)